Style// Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring is upon us, which means it’s time for your wardrobe spring clean! Here are a few tips from our stylists to help you de-clutter your shelves and freshen up your look:

1. Our stylist’s moto for wardrobe spring cleaning is “ if it wasn’t good enough last year, it won’t be this year!”. Take out any clothes that you don’t wear, including clothes that don’t fit or that you have worn out. A good idea is to pack the pile of clothes you’re thinking of throwing out into a box and leave them for a month. If at the end of the month you haven’t reached for them they can be given to charity or sold on Ebay.

2. After creating some space start separating your clothes into outfits to help identify what’s missing. It will then become clear what you need to invest money in, perhaps you need some more basics such as white t-Shirts or bright shirts to help invigorate your work suits.

3. By this stage you should be able to create a list of the items you feel you need and then set yourself a budget. You Chapar Stylist can help you choose what it is worth investing your money in; including key wardrobe staples and summer one-off pieces.

4. Always invest in good quality materials such as wool, cashmere and 100% cotton, it’s worth spending that little bit extra to ensure your clothes are long lasting.

5. Try and base your wardrobe around a few key shades of colour to ensure most items will be interchangeable, for example- greys, blues, and browns. However, preferring a certain colour palette doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with bold statement pieces!

6. Lastly, don’t forget your accessories. Colourful socks, light scarves and leather belts can all help bring an outfit together.

Our Senior Stylist Chelsea put together this Spring Colour Palette for those of you looking for some fresh inspiration, all items are available through us!

Colour Palette Items starting from top left:

Brown Loake shoes, Sunspel grey sweat top, Scotch and Soda jeans, Denham jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Brooks Brothers white shirt, Woolrich beige jacket, Hentsch Man long sleeve tee,  Navy J shoes.






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Tuesday Tune// London Grammar – Sights (live)

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Tuesday Tune// Kiesza – Hideaway

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Loake// Proud to be British

The Loake family have been making shoes for over 130 years, with the first Loake factory opening in 1880 in Northamptonshire where many of the premium grade welted shoes are still made. As the brand has continued to grow so has their customer base and design process, Loake now produce a range of shoes outside of the UK using a variety of constructions in order to meet the demand of shoes for all occasions.

Loake originally started back in 1880 in an outbuilding at Thomas Loake’s house at 62 King Street, accompanied by his two brothers, John and William. By 1894 the three brothers had moved the company into a 20,000 sq ft factory which in their time was considered one of the most advanced shoe factories in the England. Becoming well known for their sturdy footwear, Loake’s contribution to the First World War effort included the manufacturing of boots for the Britsh and Russian army and again during the Second World War for Naval and RAF officers. Perhaps one of Loake’s most stand out points was being granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen in 2007.

The brand prides themselves in sourcing only the very best quality materials for their shoes. Each pair takes eight weeks to make; The process uses 200 different operations, 75 shoe parts and 130 highly skilled crafts people. This combined with their premium grade Goodyear welt process ensures Loake remains a truly authentic British brand.

Watch this amazing short clip on the Loake’s craftsmenship to get a better idea of what goes into each pair of Loake shoes:



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Tuesday Tune// Kygo – BBC Guest Mix For Diplo&Friends

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DENHAM// Worship Tradition, Destroy Convention

Englishman Jason Denham established DENHAM in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Having already established his reputation in the European market as a consummate “jeanmaker” known for mixing denim modernism with workwear tradition, he resolved that the jeans category needed an injection of something fresh, new and undeniably mouth-watering. Assembling a small like-minded team of international designers, Denham set-up operations in Amsterdam in 2008.

The Chapar team were invited to a DENHAM workshop at their Shoreditch warehouse store which also provides space for their UK wholesale office. Exposed brickwork and a collection of hanging scissors creates an industrial back drop for the jeans on display. Being based in London the brand is able to re-connect themselves and take inspiration from Britain’s strong custom-tailoring heritage. The Chapar stylists were able to learn about the collection as well as the history of the brand, providing the stylists with a deeper understanding of the brand’s philospohy.

Many of the jeans are made from re-cut vintage materials, which gives its homage to tradition. Whilst placing a fresh twist on the designs, they are very careful not to over work the fabrics as they believe many denim products are over done.  By following their work mantra of worship tradition, destroy convention they try and take their designs further, producing quality pieces that continually break norms.

One of DENHAMS most impressive design processes is Virgin to Vintage. To create the perfect wash the team will have someone wear a pair of raw ‘virgin’ jeans for a number of years- providing a real example of that ‘worn’ look everyone is so desperately after. The jeans are then handed to the design team so they can recreate the wear pattern on a newly designed pair. As well as focusing on wash, fit and durability, the DENHAM design team finish off their designs with incredible attention to detail. Their chain stitch scissor emblem on each pair of jeans contains exactly 691 stitches.

The DENHAM designers are experienced enough to work with a confidence and discipline that ensures a constant focus on quality, workmanship and execution. Yet they pride themselves in being young and naïve enough to experiment with new processes.  For them, as stated above their London shop door, the truth is in the details, and these details soon became their brand signatures throughout the collections. Perhaps DENHAM’s most iconic detailing is the 7 point pocket. If a line is drawn around a hand, seven points are generated, this concept ended up replacing the traditional 5 point pocket. This became symbolic of the hand of the worker for whom work-wear jeans was originally created as well as the hand of the creators of DENHAM jeans, a solid mark of DENHAM’s commitment to quality workmanship. To get your hands on a pair of DENHAMs contact us at


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Tuesday Tune// M83 – Wait (Kygo Remix)

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Tuesday Tune// Chet Faker – No Diggity

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RAINS// Festival Fashion

RAINS is one of our newest brands that we’re currently representing here at The Chapar. Inspired, formed and influenced by their surroundings, the Danish brand feel excited to move new ways but they insist they will always stay true to their roots. At RAINS they always remember their strong heritage in classic and functional Scandinavian rainwear.

“We constantly develop and improve the paractical specifications of the jacket. An ongoing mission that we endeavor to bring into all elements of both our products and our invitation to explore outdoor moments alongside with keeping our classic, modern and innovative look. We are pleased to work with this as our main mission, and we hope our products motivates people to venture outside the door and enjoy life no matter how the weather is.”

The jackets are made with a durable lightweight fabric with heat sealed seams making it 100% waterproof. The jacket is so thin that it can easily be stowed away, yet still elegantly compliments your existing outfit. With this in mind we think RAINS makes a perfect addition to your festival look this Spring/ Summer. We all know the feeling of getting home soaking wet after a festival because we never found that perfect raincoat to go with our look. Simple, stylish and functional.

Below are two festival looks chosen by our stylists, if you would like one of our stylists to send you a few outfits or simply want to try a RAINS jacket- get in touch today!

Look 1: Jeans by Levi’s/ Jacket by RAINS/ Tshirt by Albam/ Shirt by Hentsch Man

Look 2: Sunglasses by Ray-Ban/ Tshirt by Sunspel/ Belt by Meryn/ Shirt by Hartford/ Shorts by Scotch & Soda/ Jacket by RAINS


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Tuesday Tune// Pete Oak feat. Emeron & Fox – N.O.V.A.

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