STYLE ICONS: David Beckham

David Beckham

With good looks and an impeccable dressing style, David Beckham is in a league of his own! David Beckham is famous around the globe for his exceptional football skills, but that’s not only what he excels at. Mr. Beckham is a style icon for men everywhere. Whatever he dons becomes a trend without him even trying. You may be wondering, what is the secret behind his stylish persona? How does he manage to look dapper each time?

The Old Beckham

David Beckham was not always the style icon we see now. If you look at his earlier pictures, you may not believe your eyes. The two Beckhams look poles apart! This is the best time to learn that fashion is in a constant state of evolution. Not only do trends come and go, but your personal fashion sense can evolve too!

What Changed?

According to an interview with GQ, David believes that changing things up according to the times and your own age is critical. He talks about how you must evolve and maintain a public persona where you are at the best of your style game with age. If David Beckham were to describe his style, he would surely describe it as a ‘working-class urban man’ He has an exceptional liking for three-piece suits and suggests that every man should have at least two fitted suits.

Outfits He Rocks!

There is no denying the power of a well-fitted suit! But David Beckham is also seen rocking a standalone black shirt. If you want to give an effortless look, then a plain black shirt with contrast buttons and a high cuffed neck collar is enough to make you stand out! Roll up your sleeves, and there you have a perfect Beckham look!

For a more comfortable look, you can try the turtle neck and white sneaker combination. Winters are the best time to make a fashion statement, and Beckham is a great style icon to follow. Take a beige turtle neck sweater, pair it with brown or faun pants, and you can too bend it like Beckham. This look is one of the staple looks by the style icon and screams sophistication and class! Talk about comfortable fashion!

Do you have a thing for flannel shirts? Well, so does Beckham! A white tee with a red or green flannel shirt is the best inspiration for a day out with the boys. Do you want to amp the look? Well,   consider adding accessories that Beckham usually pairs. He often opts for a golden watch followed by bracelets.

Brands You Can Try!

Who doesn’t want to walk in the shoes of David Beckham? Here are some brands that Beckham often chooses. Dior is one of the most favorite brands of the style icon. He can be seen wearing several timeless articles from Dior. Moreover, you can also find him endorsing brands like Kin Jones.

He has also put his fashion sense to good use by partnering up with L’Oreal Luxe and creating magic in terms of clothing!