STYLE ICONS: George Clooney

Style Icon of the Week – George Clooney

What does it take to be a style icon? Good looks, charismatic personality, or incomparable fashion sense? Well, Mr. Clooney has it all and more. George Clooney is the talk of the town whenever he strides down the red carpet. Even if he is just out of the plane, he still looks smoldering. What pray tell is the reason? Let’s dive into what makes George Clooney a style icon for men all over.

His Style

Some can say that George Clooney’s style is basic, but that’s the Clooney magic. He can take a seemingly simple outfit and turn it into a red carpet look each time. Clooney has a vast collection of crisp white shirts and is rarely seen wearing a tie. He likes to keep it casual and comfortable. He ditches the tie and loves to pop open a button or two. This takes the breath away from his female fans and leaves the men in awe of his effortless style.

Casual Styles

Clooney is a big fan of the casual look. His comfortable style is a unique selection of colors he is happy with. Clooney does not like to experiment much with colors and stays grounded with colors he has known to enjoy for years. One of his most popular casual looks is a leather jacket with a white tee and some jeans. The classic look may sound boring, but on Clooney, it looks like a million bucks.

To Tie Or Not To Tie? This is never a question with George Clooney. He always looks spectacular, even if a tie does not accompany his form-fitting suit. The sleek look from a red tie event is sure to leave excited fans inspired.

His Accessories

A single accessory can go a long way, and that is exactly what George Clooney believes in. He is not a very big fan of accessories but does not practice abstinence. The most common accessory he goes with is a stylish-looking watch. That, too is often hidden under his jacket and peeks every once in a while.

Other than that, it is not very likely for Clooney to wear accessories. He goes with the less is more principle and always rocks it.

Aged Like Fine Wine

Clooney is well into his adulthood, and over the years, fans have only seen his fashion sense improve greatly. At the moment, George Clooney is enjoying his salt and pepper hair and stubble, which makes him a complete dreamboat.

If you are looking to take your fashion sense up several notches, then perhaps you need to look at all the favorite looks from George Clooney. To copy his fashion style, you don’t need to do much. Stay in your comfort zone and try to look as YOU as possible. That is truly the secret behind George Clooney’s fashion style.