Style Icon of the Week – Idris Elba

Idris Elba is one of the best-looking actors out there. His good looks accompanied by a dapper sense of style, makes him stand out from the crowd. Despite being a prominent British actor, his style does not represent the typical British style. His look can be described as sophisticated and undoubtedly him.

Idris was born and raised in London and started his acting career through Crimewatch in 1994. Since then, he has been in the limelight. Idris Elba is not one-tracked with his fashion choices and has tried it all. From a pageboy cap to well-tailored suits, Idris Elba has tried bold fashion looks and inspired his fans to take their fashion sense to the next level.

Paparazzi have hardly ever been able to catch him off guard or look any less than his handsome self. His natural sensuality outshines every look he dons. The fashion choices he makes fit well with his brooding personality, and his fans wish to achieve the level of his excellence.

His Signature Style

Elba’s signature style is a more soft approach than what his fellow actors follow. He is most commonly found in Ivy-style suits and always goes for two-button jackets that have flap pockets. Elba is also a big fan of three-piece suits that are the perfect complement to his 6’3 height. The only time his British self comes through is when he adorns his look with a five-button waistcoat.

You can also see Elba in casual clothing. Even if he wears a base crew neck, he will still be able to score headlines. The best part about Idris Alba is that he never has to pretend something he is not. He has always managed to impress audiences with his fashion sense and continues to inspire men all over the globe.

Special Inspiration for Men

Idris Elba has made it to some of the top magazine covers, such as GQ. His athletic build and heightened fashion sense is surely something to be applauded. Not only is he appreciated for his style, but he is a complete package with the brooding yet warm personality, musky voice, and of course, the way he carries himself.

If you are looking for an inspiration for a date night, browse through his looks, and you will surely find something that will sweep your date right off their feet. Needless to say, Idris’ style is unique and motivating for all those who want to look good and feel confident.