Style Icon of the Week – Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx has the charm and looks that melt hearts wherever he goes. His fashion sense is just the icing on the cake. The Grammy-winning artist is not just famous for his dashing presence but is also quite famous for his ever so impressive style. For those who want to rock every look, Jamie Foxx is the perfect example of grace and fashion.

Flamboyance Is the Way to Impress

Jamie Foxx makes it clear that a little flamboyance never hurt anyone. Get out of your comfort zone and try wearing clothes that you wouldn’t normally. Jamie Foxx makes it a point to rock in quirky suits and leave the audience begging for more. His two-piece suits aren’t always the plain black and white tuxedoes, but you can also see him wearing a dotted suit to look his dapper self.

Casual But Rocking It

Jamie Foxx rocks the more casual look effortlessly. Being an extrovert, he loves going out, which gives him many opportunities to flaunt his casual looks. You can find Jamie Foxx in all sorts of casual wear, our ultimate favourite is a brown knitwear top, black jeans and brown Chelsea boots.

Affordable Fashion for You

It is often very hard to follow your style icons’ fashion, but that’s not the case with Jamie Foxx. He often endorses products that the masses can afford.

His influence helped several people get a gist of what its like to follow popular fashion. Jamie Foxx is a name for the fashion-loving masses and his fashion sense is a sure-to-follow style for all. If you are hoping to look up to a celebrity for style inspiration, Jamie Foxx is the name!

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